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69.1%+ Mobile Ad Delivery, 70.1% Female, Age 13 – 65+  Reaching 350,000 Unique Individuals

Community Social Network - Washington State Map

Today, our Talk brand spans five Western Washington markets, along the I-5 corridor. Our Community Social Network platforms reach over 350,000 unique readers a week. Our team of professional writers create engaging articles that drive readership and brand recognition.

NorthAmericaTalk uses our Integrated Branding Platform to provide a unique way to interface a brand with a community. Marketers see an increase in return on investment for their advertising dollars. Based in Olympia, Washington, NorthAmericaTalk lists hundreds of customers that create a cash flow positive media company.

Using our unique recipe of technology and social science, we are driving a new voice in community media.

ThurstonTalk,  Inc.
Olympia, Washington
Population   257,342

GraysHarborTalk, Inc.
Aberdeen, Washington
Population   76,482

SouthSoundTalk, Inc.
Tacoma, Washington
Population   842,769

WhatcomTalk, Inc.
Bellingham, Washington
Population   204,783
Chehalis, Washington
Population   76,592