“When we counted the number of writers working with us, we couldn’t believe that it topped more than 70 people,” says Amy Rowley, CEO of NorthAmericaTalk.

“Our paid, professional freelance writers make our editing job so easy. They are a top-notch group of people that love sharing positive stories about what it’s like to live, work and play in western Washington,” she continues.

More than 70 writer work with NorthAmericaTalk's community social networks in Thurston, Pierce, Whatcom, Grays Harbor and Lewis counties.

More than 70 writer work with NorthAmericaTalk’s community social networks in Thurston, Pierce, Whatcom, Grays Harbor and Lewis counties.

As a Western Washington media company, NorthAmericaTalk creates community social networks in Whatcom, Pierce, Thurston, Grays Harbor and Lewis counties.

“We easily have the best writing team in Western Washington,” adds founder, Dan Jones. “Each writer contributes to our community social networks and has helped us become the fastest growing media company in Western Washington.”

“We have enough ‘doom and gloom’ news in our daily lives, so it’s nice to have a platform readers can turn to in order to plan their weekends, read about a new local business, and find out what great things are happening in the community,” says writer Stephanie McNelis. “I also love giving voice to local businesses and community members. Small business owners pour their hearts and souls into what they are doing, and our platform is where they can bring it forward to the community and make their presence known.”

NorthAmericaTalk hires writers who are passionate about their communities. “As we look toward the future, we will continue to add more team members as we grow into Eastern Washington,” says Rowley.

“As part of the writing team, I am energized and inspired to shine light on the creative people and wonderful businesses and events that knit our community together,” says Mary Ellen Psaltis, a food writer who has contributed for more than three years. “The more I discover about the place I live, the more pleased and proud I am to spread the word.”