Festivals and events are not typically known for their green practices. Garbage and recycling removal can often be one of the most costly line items in an event’s budget. Many organizers have begun implementing more environmentally conscious waste management practices, looking for ways to reduce the amount of trash and increase recycling.

But shouldn’t an environmental focus also apply to how events are advertised?

green advertising

How much of your mail heads straight to the recycling bin? Advertising an event using a community social network means no extra trash.

According to the Newspaper Association of America, only 73% of old newspapers recycled, leaving more than a quarter of them in landfills.

In a recent NYU Law study, 5.6 million tons of catalogs and other direct mail advertisements end up in our landfills annually. Additionally, 44% of junk mail is thrown away unopened, but only half of that junk mail is actually recycled. The study continues by reporting that direct mail advertising destroys 100 million trees per year and creates as much greenhouse gas emissions as 3.7 million cars.

Measuring cost per impressions (CPM), social media advertising consistently outperforms traditional media. In a recent comparison by marketing.science, direct mail costs $57 CPM while social media was down at $2.50. Newspaper advertising landed in the middle at $16 CPM.

However, to create an effective social media campaign, you need content – engaging stories that reflect the focus of your event, bright pictures that draw in a reader and a powerful distribution network.

NorthAmericaTalk’s five community social networks reach 350,000 unique readers on a monthly basis. With a team of more than 70 paid, professional writers, we create content daily that reaches people across Western Washington.

Let’s look at an example in action. In one recent social media post, ThurstonTalk promoted an artist at Spring Arts Walk in Olympia. This one post reached 8,041 people and produced 104 reactions, comments and shares.

Our team works with your event to build content that reaches your target market. We know how to grow your brand and then turn around and provide valuable statistics to measure results. And we can do this without cutting down a single tree or producing any ounce of trash.

Promoting your event using green advertising shows your attendees that they can expect environmentally friendly practices from you all around.

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