October 1, 2015 marked the first day of LewisTalk.com bringing positive stories to the 75,000 people that call Lewis County home.

And, Lewis County folks responded with enthusiasm.

The launch of LewisTalk.com marked the highest first day views for any new NorthAmericaTalk community social network.  The views exceeded expectations by 15%.

In addition to excitement from readers, NorthAmericaTalk is also reporting higher than expected sales in the new property.  “We pre-sold the market, signing contracts at least four weeks in advance of our launch,” reports Chief Research Officer, Dan Jones.

“The business community is anxious to have their brand recognized with positive stories about the community,” adds Community Manager, Martin McElliott.

NorthAmericaTalk partnered with local business owners, Chad and Coralee Taylor, to launch LewisTalk.com.  “Chad and Coralee are wonderful advocates for the Lewis County community and we are so pleased to have them on our team,” shares Jones.

Watch our fifth community social network grow at www.lewistalk.com.