Neighbors south of Olympia  will soon have a new digital media source.

“LewisTalk is a natural ‘next stop’ for the Talk family,” says Chief Research Officer, Dan Jones.  “Current customers are clamoring to brand their business to the Chehalis, Centralis and Lewis County communities.  Using the LewisTalk platform, local businesses can share positive stories with the community.”

Jones announced that LewisTalk will launch in October and the company began immediately searching for local freelance writers that want to tell positive stories on the community social network.

“Our freelance team all lives, works, and plays in the communities that they write about,” shares Publisher, Amy Rowley.  “We are looking for people that are passionate about the community and want to tell stories about people, businesses and organizations doing good things.”  Rowley adds that no journalism experience is necessary and in fact “some of our best writers have backgrounds in marketing, public relations, and business or even unrelated fields like teaching and science.”  To apply for the freelance writing team, click here.

The technology team will begin building over the coming weeks, with a goal to have the site live in October.

For now, follow our progress on’s Facebook page.