For NorthAmericaTalk, building community social networks is key to fostering connections. In the communities with a Talk platform, residents seek out in-depth articles detailing upcoming events before heading out the door with their families. The broadly reaching events calendar chronicles the goings-on of the community with events ranging from sports to live music to workshops and lectures. Comprehensive articles feature information about the businesses, and the people behind them, who create the commerce that keeps our town humming.

When people want to know what to do, where to shop, when an event takes place or who’s achieving great things, they know to turn to NorthAmericaTalk’s community social networks. Our brands have become a reliable source, referenced by other publications and groups throughout the country.

Let’s focus on the use of some of ThurstonTalk’s articles.

More than 70 writers work with NorthAmericaTalk's community social networks in Thurston, Pierce, Whatcom, Grays Harbor and Lewis counties.

More than 70 writers work with NorthAmericaTalk’s community social networks in Thurston, Pierce, Whatcom, Grays Harbor and Lewis counties.

ThurstonTalk was recently cited in a textbook written by Dr. Thomas Keith of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Dr. Keith utilized a quote from this ThurstonTalk article by Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. from an article sharing an upcoming lecture by Moore as part of a college’s Artist and Lecture Series. Dr. Keith requested use of a quote from the article by Jennifer Crain, listing ThurstonTalk as the source in the pages of his published textbook.

ThurstonTalk was also referenced in the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of the NOVA School magazine. The magazine profiled an alumnus, Surabhi Mundada, and focused on Mundada’s incredible invention called MyGlove, that earned her a finalist spot in the global Google Science Fair. The article cites ThurstonTalk’s 2014 article about the teen innovator’s accomplishments and the broad reaching media coverage of her accomplishments.

Across the country, ThurstonTalk’s content was used to share an innovative community program and grant award at the Office of Assigned Counsel. The story was picked up by The Bronx Defenders, a non-profit group based in the Bronx, New York, who take a holistic approach to advocacy and defense of low-income citizens of the borough. The story, published on ThurstonTalk in October of 2014, shares the Thurston County delegation that travelled to New York to receive both a grant and training. The Bronx Defenders shared the story to support the philosophy of the work they do and it’s reach throughout the country.

ThurstonTalk articles are also consistently shared by related groups, ones who are mentioned or connected to a local story published on our community social network. Pacific Lutheran University shared a story on their website about a former local high school student finding her stride on the PLU cross-country team. Disability Today, a UK based news source for positive stories about overcoming and living with disability, shared ThurstonTalk’s May 2016 article about Lucas Clifton’s promise to run a 5K on Mother’s Day with his mom.

NorthAmericaTalk’s team of paid, professional writers craft stories on a wide variety of topics.  Our well-researched and written content provides value for the local community and beyond. Each community social network aims to help not only the community around it learn more about itself, but to be a source for the world to learn the positive things happening in our hometowns.  Our reach spread the stories we publish to readers throughout the globe, helping our marketing partners grown their brand and tell their story.