It all started with some brainstorming and a wish list.  “Let’s list out ideas to freshen up our websites and make the content pop,” said NorthAmericaTalk’s Chief Research Officer, Dan Jones.

Fast forward just two weeks and NorthAmericaTalk launched a complete website redesign for all five Talk community social network sites.  “The team worked collaboratively to research best practices, maintain what our readers love, and give an opportunity for viewers to see even more of our positive stories about their communities,” said Publisher, Amy Rowley.

The site redesign also expands marketing possibilities for customers.  “We will continue to deliver high quality, targeted impressions to our customers plus share some fresh ideas on how to reach their target market in a specific community,” explains Martin McElliott, Vice President of Sales.

NorthAmericaTalk manages community social networks in five counties in Western Washington.  Our team of more than 50 people are publishing community-based stories on a daily basis.

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