Major corporations have attempted to create hyper local content sites around the US.  Most have failed because they are not run by local entrepreneurs who understand the business environment and vibe of the community.

Small business owners have choices about where they can spend their advertising dollars.  A NorthAmericaTalk site provides an alternative to traditional media advertising.  Most small business owners know that they want to have an online presence, but they have either been burned by ineffective campaigns or are overwhelmed with the options.

Here are some ways that small business owners advertise on NorthAmericaTalk sites:

  • Block or banner ad running alongside positive content
  • Sponsored article with logo embedded in an article
  • Featured business article about the business
Visit to see this business model in action.

A NorthAmericaTalk site creates a fresh mix of local content including high school sports, local theatre reviews, event postings, and featured business articles.

Writers and sales professionals must live, work, and play in the community.  It’s critical that they have an understanding of the events and organizations critical to your town.  Why publish a school lunch menu when you can write about the parents that were instrumental in building a school garden?  Box scores from last night’s game are important to some, but an article about a standout student athlete garners much more attention.  And, how great is it to read about the accomplishments of a hard-work team of volunteers to pull off last weekend’s awesome event?

Local business leaders want their logo flying next to positive stories about your town.  Marketing professionals know that readers will associate the company’s logo with the good news they are reading.

Hyper local content draws local readers to your site, thus adding value for your customers and creating commerce.