Phoebe Martinson, Owner of Phoebe’s Pastry Cafe, shares her experience, as a reader and a marketer, on utilizing one of NorthAmericaTalk’s @Talk Community Social Network, ThurstonTalk, to Reach the Community.


ThurstonTalk: What immediate results have you seen from utilizing ThurstonTalk’s content creation and distribution? Direct effects on revenue? Etc. 

Martinson: With this last article, the phone at our Division Location started ringing six minutes after the article was up! We get new customers in the door every single day mentioning how great the article was and how they are “so excited” to check us out! Both of these responses are showing in the daily sales. 

ThurstonTalk: That’s wonderful to hear! If there was someone on the fence about working with us, what would be your message to them?

Martinson: ThurstonTalk is a different sort of “advertising sponsorship,” because ThurstonTalk is really about it’s name! It has proven to be a positive, informative look at our community—not negative, political, and/or untrue “reporting.” I know from talking with many, many customers and friends that people really enjoy reading ThurstonTalk! It is a “go to” to see what is new and interesting in our community, without weeding through depressing, sad, or politically driven articles. Pleasurable, uplifting-reading, I would say.

ThurstonTalk: That’s a great observation and one we hear a lot! ThurstonTalk is a far different medium than running an ad or article on any other publication, really. We truly reach the community where they are at, and when the community is glued to our publication in an uplifting way, we truly offer marketers and business owners an unparalleled way of getting their brand in front of the community, in a meaningful way. 

One last question: What’s your favorite thing about working with us?

Martinson: Dan Jones is my favorite part of ThurstonTalk: he is a great person and has truly had a fabulous impact on my business and our community.

At NorthAmericaTalk, we absolutely love hearing testimonials like this; it validates the mission we are on to uplift and nurture our communities by building a trusted, valuable, local media brand.

NorthAmericaTalk recently announced the results of a recent reader survey: of the 390 readers surveyed, 66.5% said they took action in the community based on a piece of content they read on one of our @Talk platforms. 

We would love to partner with you to help you actualize your communication goals. 

Are you creating content that moves people to action? Do you have a distribution network for that content? Whether you’re a business owner or a marketer, chances are, you have the capacity to create some form of content, but you lack a distribution network that helps you build strong, local community connections with that content. 

To learn about how our Community Social Networks and Community Content Creators can help you reach the community to build and sustain brand awareness and trust and convert new business, please visit NorthAmericaTalk.


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