Business owners are scrambling to develop new marketing strategies amid the Coronavirus outbreak. While many of these organizations have relied heavily on face-to-face interactions, expos, networking events, they’re seeing an ever-growing demand to look toward digital strategies. 

As social distancing becomes more relevant, video conferences are becoming a must. Commerce is still happening, and we are seeing businesses upload their brands to have a larger online presence. 

Scott Jones, CEO of 123 Internet Group, says, “We are in uncertain times, but with the increase of remote working and a collaborative approach, companies are turning to digital channels and embracing the transformation. 

“We have seen a real spike during the last few weeks from companies wishing to create or update websites, launch new e-commerce channels and create social media campaigns focused on home-workers and a real focus on using influencers and SEO to reach new audiences.”

With the shutdown of most face-to-face interactions that businesses relied on for brand awareness, one question to ask: How am I going to reach my clients? 

We are seeing more business owners looking toward utilizing content marketing and digital strategies to keep their brand in front of the local community.

Like Jones said, businesses are seeing more of a demand to lean on influencers to reach new audiences. Our customers are seeing our digital solutions create better brand awareness and association, bring in more and better qualified in-bound leads, and attract better qualified workers, as their brand becomes more recognizable in the community. 

As digital continues to shape the world we live in and demand our attention and conformity, NorthAmericaTalk is seeing our local business partners move toward content marketing and online commerce at a rapid pace, across all industries. 

Below are two community profiles of businesses that evolved during COVID-19

“It has been humbling to create local stories of businesses quickly responding to innovative business and marketing models during this uncharted time,” said Dan Jones, CEO NorthAmericaTalk.


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