Every year, we gather our teams in each geographic area we serve for a strategic planning session. 

Last month, we got to host some of our writers and editors, in the Southwest Washington region, to talk about the impact and growth of the @Talk brand. Here are some of the topics discussed:

  • Current @Talk footprint and reach metrics  
  • A timeline for the growth of our Oregon Community Social Networks
  • Growth metrics for our Eastern Washington Community Social Networks
  • How our content is not only documenting history, but also facilitating a new way of being for both the business and nonprofit sectors, alike 
  • And, importantly, the impact our writers and editors have on building community within our proprietary digital ecosystem 

NorthAmericaTalk is passionate about connecting community members with their community assets and local businesses and nonprofits, as we continue to expand outwardly into new regions, while increasing reach with our more mature digital media properties, as well. 

11 years ago, we took a confident, well-calculated gamble and situated ourselves into the future: We are now seeing confirmation, by way of community and social impact, that the @Talk Community Social Networks™ are the future of digital media and a model that is spreading like wildfire through the lives, economy, businesses, and nonprofits in the areas we serve.  


About NorthAmericaTalk

NorthAmericaTalk is a digital media company building and operating Community Social Networks™ . Through our proprietary technology and sales tools, we are disrupting the media landscape, while building a trusted, valuable, local media brand. Today, our media organizations cover an audience of 5,100,000 neighbors in Washington and Oregon State. Our fast-growing, community focused media companies span the Pacific Northwest. We count hundreds of marketers as long-term customers that use our platform to reach their target market, grow their brand, and measure results.