Among the thousands of business executives and thought-leaders who utilize the @Talk Community Social Networks for marketing and advertising, one common theme always emerges: The ability to distinguish their assets, value, products, services, and brand amongst a sea of competitors. 

For 10 years, the @Talk publications have served as a business’s interface with the communities they serve—bridging the gap of trust to allow them to communicate with the community in a meaningful way. 

30+ year marketing consultant Josh Bridge worked with the ThurstonTalk @Talk publication to bring a renewed sense of energy and community engagement to the Olympia Country and Golf Club as they pushed out of the COVID pandemic. 

In my 30+ years in the private club industry, I have never had better results with a membership drive than with ThurstonTalk. We have had over 100 new members in just three months. Dan [NorthAmericaTalk CEO] also advised and helped us push the drive through Social Media. I look forward to working with ThurstonTalk” Bridge, COO, said. 

As NorthAmericaTalk, and its @Talk publications, continues to dominate the digital media world, we are continually refining the ways in which we bring value to both the communities we serve and the business leaders looking to tell smarter narratives more distinguishably. 


About NorthAmericaTalk

NorthAmericaTalk is a digital media company building and operating Community Social Networks™ . Through our proprietary technology and sales tools, we are disrupting the media landscape, while building a trusted, valuable, local media brand. Today, our media organizations cover an audience of 5,100,000 neighbors in Washington and Oregon State. Our fast-growing, community focused media companies span the Pacific Northwest. We count hundreds of marketers as long-term customers that use our platform to reach their target market, grow their brand, and measure results.