According to marketing expert Laura Lake, a functional framework for non-profit marketing looks something like this: 

  1. Creating awareness. Like any business brand, a nonprofit must make its audience aware of the organization and the causes it supports.
  2. Promoting a cause and services. Donors, volunteers, and groups the nonprofit works with need to know about the work the organization is doing.

  3. Fundraising. Nonprofits rely on donations in order to pursue their charitable initiatives. Fundraising is an essential function of nonprofit marketing, and it can take the form of encouraging general donations or promoting specific fundraising events or campaigns.

  4. Encouraging memberships and recurring donations. Nonprofit marketing should be used to encourage long-term membership. This increases the relationships that the nonprofit can draw on for fundraising initiatives and helps provide recurring donations.

  5. Engaging volunteers. Most nonprofits need people to take action or participate in initiatives, as well as donate.

  6. Driving political and social change. Skillful nonprofit marketing can put pressure on opinion leaders, politicians, and ordinary people to create social and political changes addressing the nonprofit’s causes.

NorthAmericaTalk has a history of directly assisting the growth and success of nonprofit community visibility and fundraising. We have established a proven track-record of helping nonprofits build and sustain brand awareness and trust, update their current donor base, and convert new donors across our Community Social Networks.

As a community first organization, NorthAmericaTalk takes great pride in being able to assist the local nonprofits that form the sum of our communities’ greatness, and we look forward to making more new connections in 2021.

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