In Fall 2010, NorthAmericaTalk started  The site operates in Olympia, Washington – the state capital with a general population of around 250,000 residents and competes with a local newspaper as well as a few ‘buy local’ campaigns for advertising dollars.

Using a proven business model and solid foundation, a NorthAmericaTalk site provides a quick start-up.  Capitalize on the information gathered by leaders to create a successful business.

NorthAmericaTalk will teach you about:

  • How to attract advertisers.
  • Methods for gathering viewers.
  • Ways that businesses can use your site.
  • Successful sponsorship campaigns.
  • Maximizing social media posts.
  • Creating branding solutions for local businesses.
  • Maintaining a platform focused solely on positive stories.
  • Partnering with other community groups.
  • Staying true to your mission of positive content.